The Latest in Irrigation Systems

The Latest in Irrigation Systems

Schmechtig Landscapes | Nov 30, 2022


Proper watering is essential to keep gardens and lawns flourishing, which is why using the right irrigation method is a central component of any desirable landscaping service. While watering a lawn may seem simple enough, there’s much more to it than pulling out the hose. So how do you choose whether you need impact sprinklers, rotary sprinklers, drip irrigation, or bubbler irrigation? Fortunately, there are many different types of landscape irrigation systems that can be tailored for each individual property.

Why You Need an Advanced Sprinkler System

The irrigation method a landscaper applies is a vital component for all types of properties. Designed to water your lawn and gardens independently, experienced irrigation techs can maintain and service a complex system to efficiently water your plant beds, gardens, and lawn where and when they need it. Today’s advanced sprinkler systems can create the flexibility to accommodate an ever-changing landscape.

When searching for an irrigation partner, needs to factor in that might determine the system you require include:

  • Timing (how often/time of day)
  • Abilities of system
  • Variety of foliage
  • Shade and spacing between areas
  • Local climate

Different Types of Irrigation Systems

When searching for an irrigation system, you may hear terms such as surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation and drip irrigation. Here’s what to know about each one:

1. Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is the oldest and most common type of irrigation that may include furrow, borderstrip, and basin irrigation. They often use sprinklers to apply water to the surface of the ground using center pivot, lateral move, traveling gun, solid set, and portable systems. This type of system can be either gravity-fed or pressurized. A horticulture expert will let you know the best way to proceed. You won’t need to worry about details like whether to use impact sprinklers with rotating arms – the most common in residential lawns and small gardens – or ones with smaller, low-volume nozzles.

2. Micro-Irrigation such as Drip Irrigation

Sometimes landscapes that are a little more complex or varied need something more than the typical system. Drip irrigation technology has been developed to allow water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the roots. This home landscaping option is enabled through a network of tubes and emitters. It could be necessary due to factors such as drought, a desire to conserve water, or plant types that require less watering.

Drip irrigation is an efficient way to water home landscaping because it minimizes water waste. The water gets delivered directly to the root zone of the plants, minimizing evaporation and surface runoff. This type of micro-irrigation has the potential to save water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. It is typically done through a drip line, which is a long, narrow tube with emitters spaced evenly along its length.

3. Newer Tools & Technology to Accommodate Changing Landscapes

Just like there are different types of watering systems for diverse needs, landscape specialists have refined the tools and technology that is advantageous for varying types of landscapes. While surface systems are the most common type of irrigation system, that is just the beginning of what it takes to maintain most landscaped areas. A seasoned expert will be able to provide state-of-the-art equipment, handle it properly, and know when to switch up the process for a newly added flower bed or a design change that requires an adjustment to your maintenance schedule.

All of these factors allow for a highly efficient method of landscaping, particularly compared to older ones that would result in water being lost to evaporation or runoff. Today’s systems can also be set on a timer so that plants get the water they need without the homeowner having to remember to turn the system on and off.

Contact an Experienced, High Quality, Full-Service Landscaping Company

At Schmechtig, our irrigation division is dedicated to maintaining services that provide sprinkler systems to water plant beds, gardens, and lawn efficiently for our clients. Our experienced technicians will work with your irrigation system and create flexibility to accommodate your ever-changing landscape. We offer irrigation installations and will maintain your sprinkler system throughout the year by providing:

  • Irrigation spring start-up
  • Mid-season audit
  • Fall system shutdown

Contact Schmechtig Landscapes to find out which irrigation solution is right for your property. We will walk you through your options and get you started on the landscape of your dreams. Visit Schmechtig Landscapes online to find out more, or call us today!