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Private Property | Outdoor Privacy Solutions

Schmechtig Landscapes | July 28, 2021

Looking for more privacy in your outdoor living spaces? There are plenty of creative and affordable options that provide beauty and function.


GARDEN SCREEN – In many neighborhoods, the homes are much closer together than many would prefer. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks on a full-yard fence, try adding a garden screen to your outdoor living spaces. What makes this accent piece popular, is it provides privacy without sacrificing the view.

TRELLIS WALL – This option delivers both privacy and decoration. Designed for climbing plants, it delivers an artistic flair, as well as a privacy method. A trellis wall is also perfect for vining produce, as it keeps fruits and veggies raised and away from ground-dwelling pests, and increases sunlight exposure.

VERTICAL GARDENS – Frame your exterior space with a luscious floating garden. Think of a vertical garden as a backdrop. This is a great option for small spaces, like a porch or a balcony. A vertical garden requires less maintenance and adds beauty and privacy to your outdoor living spaces.

TREES & SPRUCES – Border your property with towering trees and/or spruces. The advantage of using evergreen trees as a privacy “fence” is they extend color all year round without losing their leaves and are relatively low maintenance.

ORNAMENTAL GRASSES – If you’re searching for a more natural alternative, ornamental grasses are a great choice to help lessen the neighbor’s view, as well as deliver a native approach. Ornamental grasses are best suited around a deck or front porch but can be incorporated anywhere throughout your landscape.

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