How to Tailor Your Landscape Design to Your Space

How to Tailor Your Landscape Design to Your Space

Anyone planning a new landscape design should look to the home itself for inspiration. With homes and yards in all shapes, looks and sizes, designing a plan can feel like a big undertaking, but it’s also the most creative stage of the project. Plus, having an aesthetically complementary outdoor design has been known to boost the resale value of homes. So, unless you have something entirely different in mind, tailoring something that will match your home’s style and personality is a great place to start.

To get started, ask yourself some pointed questions to help you determine your needs, budget, and aesthetic themes to guide the project. These questions include:

  1. What will the scope of the project be?
  2. What types of entertainment and activities will the landscape be used for?
  3. What are the unique home features to consider?
  4. Have you contacted a qualified landscaping service to partner with for ideas?

Identify Scope, Size, Spacing & Other Key Elements to Steer the Design Plan

The size, age and appearance of the home may play a role in many of the design choices. From the flower beds in back to the hedges in front, a horticulture expert can visualize choices with you that will highlight the essence of the home. For instance, a large, symmetrical home is often complemented by tighter, more traditional shapes. In contrast, asymmetrical touches like an ornamental tree or asymmetrical shrubs off to one side can expand the appearance of a smaller home. A hedge is another defining element that often mirrors the home’s degree of formality. A more elaborate home might end up with a well-manicured boxwood or evergreen shrub, but a less formal homeowner might go for something a little wilder, like flowering shrubs.

Select Design Themes & Plant Choices That Match Your Architectural Style

A cohesive landscaping design has other benefits than pleasing the eye. It involves making a lot of choices that will match or complement the surroundings. A theme might be established to match the home’s regional location, like a coastal theme for a home near the lakefront or a Southwestern theme in an arid locale. This stage will also help direct the selection of materials and accessories to be used later on.

Below are three examples of how a full landscape design can complement a home’s architectural style and natural surroundings:

Midwestern Prairie Homes

In the Midwest, prairie style homes naturally lend themselves to native types of grass. You might find the strong, natural grasses complement the horizontal lines of a prairie home, as opposed to upright, ornamental grass. The same rule of thumb applies in the garden, where manicured plant forms are increasingly dismissed in favor of native prairie flowers like cornflowers and black-eyed Susans.

Tuscan and Mediterranean Architecture

Tuscan and Mediterranean homes are popular everywhere. These styles lend themselves to courtyards and natural pathways, as opposed to large, expansive lawns. Some of the greenery might resemble the lavender, Italian Cyprus and olive trees found in those regions. The courtyards are often filled with natural products like decomposed granite and cobblestone or pavers for entries and driveways. Additional touches can include naturally stained wooden arbors and a birdbath or fountain to complete the look.

American Ranch Homes

American architectural styles also benefit from a tailored approach to landscaping. Typically, ranch style homes have more lawn space, as well as foundation planting up close against the house and more pronounced fence lines. Other common elements include gravel paths, wooden decks, natural rock use and an eclectic assortment of perennials in the garden – and possibly some dogwood trees in front.

Consult a Local Full-Service Landscaping Company

Before beginning your next design project, talk to a landscaping service that can help you make smart, beautiful choices throughout. Many clients come to Schmechtig Landscapes with a notion of their dream yard, and we work with them to execute the finer details. An experienced professional will ensure plants, flowers, and any new construction will be properly handled to withstand the elements. We deliver quality service, exceptional designs, and the utmost professionalism. We work with clients every step of the way to ensure each project fulfills their wishes and stays within budget.

Schmechtig is ready to assist you with all of your design and landscaping needs. We will walk you through your options and help get you started, providing you with a unique outdoor solution that compliments and reflects your home, lifestyle and preferences. Visit Schmechtig Landscapes online to find out more so you can get started on the design of your dreams!