Go with the flow | Water Features

Go with the flow | Water Features

Schmechtig Landscapes | July 12, 2021

Whether you desire an elegant fountain or a simple birdbath… Integrating a water feature into your landscape is always a good idea.

Discover a water feature most beneficial for your everyday life… 

For the Birds. Enjoy bird watching all day long with a birdbath on your property. You’ll surely see an abundance of wildlife stopping by for a quick sip and dip, especially on a hot summer day. Did we mention birdbaths are the most affordable water feature? (No pumps or filters necessary).

Go with the flow. Bring your landscape to life with a flowing water fountain! The movement of the water offers a sense of peace to your yard. You can make a statement with a big, luxurious fountain or keep it simple with a small, tiered feature. 

Calm down. Relax and rejoice to the soothing sounds of a waterfall (or water wall). Not only does a waterfall/wall add a tranquil element to your outdoor space, but also features a sleek & stylish design that is aesthetically pleasing.

Attract Wildlife. Incorporate a pond or stream into your landscape and enjoy the daily sights & sounds that it brings. This specific water feature draws wildlife to your property, creating a safe haven, as well as exposing you to nature, which has many health benefits.

Create a centerpiece. Decorate your garden with a statue water feature. A sculpture-like water feature not only creates a statement piece but also sets a soothing tone to your outdoor space.

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