Curb Appeal | Boost your Home’s Appearance

Curb Appeal | Boost your Home’s Appearance

Schmechtig Landscapes | June 30, 2021

Liven up your front yard by enhancing your curb appeal.

Whether you are staying or selling – curb appeal is important! It’s your home’s first impression to the outside world


Learn some tips and tricks to BOOST your home’s exterior through landscaping!

Window Boxes bring instant character to your home. Mix & match flowers, plants, herbs & succulents, and don’t forget to rotate with seasonal displays!

Pots & Planters add some color and enhance your home’s attractiveness with container pot gardens! Spruce up your front entry (or porch) with free-standing or hanging planters, filled with living beauty. Pots and planters are the perfect vessels for growing pretty much anything your heart desires and displaying ever-changing seasonal colors.

Beds & Borders are a great way to effortlessly upgrade your front yard appearance. Try using stone or a decorative border design. Frame your home with vibrant plant and/or flower beds and line your driveway/walkways with stunning perennials.

Outdoor Lighting amplifies your nighttime exterior, and in turn, creates a welcoming ambiance. You can feature garden or landscape elements through accent lighting, and deliver safety & security by illuminating your walkways and pathways.


Balancing Soft & Hardscapes into your landscape adds texture and aesthetic appeal. Hardscape materials such as pavers, concrete, composite, stone, asphalt & wood -coincide perfectly with softscapes (or living elements) like trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, and succulents. 

Mulch is a very simple and affordable way to freshen up and/or transform your yard. Mulch provides definition & contrast between your lawn and beds, which helps your plantings stand out. So, start pulling out your weeds and adding mulch!

Crushed Stone/Rock Landscaping is not only easy to install and very low maintenance but also creates an attractive design. Crushed stone, gravel, and river rock are ideal for edging, path & walkways, rock gardens, water features, and dry river rock beds.

Walkways & Pathways are not only functional but bring a visual aesthetic to your property. Create an inviting walkway with natural stone or add a tranquil element using bluestone steppers or crushed bluestone gravel. Add some drama with a diamond pattern or charm with cobblestone. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Ground Cover is a layer of beauty as well as functionality. It’s a natural erosion stabilizer, that also provides topsoil protection and fights weeds. Did we mention there is minimal maintenance required?

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