Careful Who You Hire: Why Landscaping Expertise Matters

Careful Who You Hire: Why Landscaping Expertise Matters

Schmechtig Landscapes | Oct 31, 2022

Today’s landscaping is a lot more complex than it used to be. Any number of activities can be employed to modify the land and features around your home, from the flora (or fauna) that naturally thrive there to seasonal maintenance and installations of water features. There is an art to creating greenery with an eye toward its long term health and beauty, which is why it’s so important to get appropriate, high-quality assistance.

The slope of your terrain, width of the lot, and drainage quality are just some of the challenges that can have an impact on your overall landscape design. In short, the level of expertise in a business matters more than some folks realize, which is why it is vital to research and vet the people or services before hiring them.

What Horticulture Experts Bring to Your Yard

Skills like mowing, trimming and pruning are just the beginning. Professionals who bring horticulture expertise can bring countless skills and certifications to the job. If you’re focused on the design element, you’ll want to find out about their background in landscape architecture. Many jobs will require workers who are up to date on the latest techniques in gardening, irrigation and other key areas. Find out what licensing the company brings, such as irrigation licensing or a state nursery license. This will signal that the business takes its skills, equipment and technology seriously.

Meanwhile, are the services going to be a match? A broad range of offerings means more opportunity to transform your property and get additional help when you need it throughout the year. Services to look for include:

  • Design and construction
  • Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Other services (holiday lighting, snow removal, container pot services, exterior staging, etc.)

What services will include sod installation, weeding, and fertilizer. Will hydroseeding or pest control applications be necessary? How do you determine what design work is appropriate for your property? A discussion of the details in your consultation will tell you if they know their stuff – and help you get clarity on what you want. The right one will know how to avoid creating an over-crowded flower bed and which trees and plants can be moved.

Weed Out the Rookies: Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Service

When done with an eye toward both beauty and expertise, landscaping adds value to any home or building. On the flipside, a lack of quality can not only have a lasting negative impact on your land, but it can also lower the property value. Basic knowhow you want in a business include:

Planting Depth & Placement

A common mistake is planting materials too deep. Seedlings are especially tricky when they arrive in burlap sacks concealing the roots. You want someone who understands how much trunk flare should be visible at the base of a tree and whether soil should be removed before planting.

Weed out the guys who plant a maple destined for a 40-foot spread twenty feet from the house.

Mishandling Water

Steer clear of services that stick a plant in the ground and think they’re done. But irrigation is a science. Climate, soil drainage and depth of roots all determine how much water a plant requires.

Inexperienced contractors may fail to anticipate what their work will look like in six months, let alone five years. You want someone who knows the correct spacing in between bulbs, as well as grouping plants that require different amounts of water.

Blind or Cheap Estimates

Newer landscapers often undervalue their service because they’re anxious to get work. But every job is different because of site conditions. Avoid anyone peddling a one-price-fits-all approach.

Contact an Experienced, High Quality, Full-Service Landscaping Company

Asking about the qualifications and expertise of a service is sure to pay off. Working with a company like Schmechtig Landscapes that has over 60 years of experience helps ensure the job will be done right the first time. Our proven approach begins with sharing landscape ideas. By taking direction from you, the architectural style of your home and its surroundings, we provide each client with a unique outdoor solution that compliments and reflects their lifestyle and preferences.


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