Using Architectural Stone in your Outdoor Landscape

Using Architectural Stone in your Outdoor Landscape

Natural quarried stone products such as cut & weathered edge drywall, flagstone, steppers and rock outcroppings, provide unique design elements to
your landscape design setting.



Schmechtig Landscapes, Winnetka, Illinois; Front Walk Design using blue stone and pavers


Real stone contributes special aesthetics to any landscape environment, giving a look of permanence and exceptional beauty to walkways, steps, walls, gardens, waterfalls and more.



Water Feature with Stone, Schmechtig Landscapes in Barrington Hills, Illinois 



Spring Flowering Tree Ideas, Patio with pavers, Schmechtig Landscapes, Barrington, Illinois



Outdoor Dining Room with seatwalls, fireplace, stone and pergola with outdoor chandelier, Schmechtig Landscapes in Barrington, Illinois



Architectural Stone Ideas, Schmechtig Landscapes, Long Grove, Illinois