The Cardinals and Landscaping

The Cardinals and Landscaping

Planet – the professional landcare network and the NCAA National Championship Louisville Cardinal team have one thing in common – Louisville.

 The University of Louisville is a premier, nationally recognized university committed to the liberal arts and sciences and dedicated to the intellectual, cultural and economic development of the diverse community and citizens.  Each athletic team at the school employs the team approach to success.  Each year our landscape industry gathers in Louisville to discuss all market segments including Landscape Management, Lawn Care, Design/Build/Installation, Irrigation and Water Management. 



We receive invaluable insights and education at our Green Industry Conference (GIC).  It is a team member approach from several
diverse functional areas, where our entire Schmechtig team benefits from the full range of seminars, workshops, networking opportunities, and idea exchanges at GIC so we can continue to be the best at our game – the landscape industry.

Congratulations to the University of Louisville Cardinal’s NCAA National Championship Basketball team and we look forward to the 2013 PLANET Green Industry Conference.