Spring Clean Up Tips for your Landscape Company

Spring Clean Up Tips for your Landscape Company

Many homeowners depend upon landscape maintenance companies to take care of their home’s landscape spring clean-up. When hiring a landscape maintenance service to take care of your spring yard clean-up ask for a list of what their service includes.

Here’s a quick reference list to review with your landscape services company:

Garden Service Areas: Bushes and perennial plants should have dead pieces trimmed by using pruners to promote healthy growth in the growing season.  All dead annual plants need to be removed from all gardens.  This will loosen the soil and make the entire garden look neater. A hand rake should be used to loosen the soil around all plants carefully, not to disrupt any new plant growth. Excess debris such as old mulch or dead leaves must be removed including weeds that have begun to grow.



Lawn Maintenance Areas: Rocks or tree branches that may have fallen into the lawn over the winter should be picked up. This will make mowing safer and easier in the summer. Dead leaves or other debris in the lawn should be raked up. This provides a neater looking lawn and encourages the grass to grow. Rough places in the lawn should be patched with grass seed to fill in the lawn.



Patios and Walkways: These areas should be swept to remove dead leaves, twigs, and other dirt.  Broken or loose stones or bricks should be repaired for safety.  Power-washing the patio and walkway areas will add a fresh look.



Other area’s to consider are your trellises and fences. Ask the landscape company if they check fences for loose or damaged posts and make the repairs.  Also – repainting fences and trellises as needed will protect the wood from weather and allow them to last longer.