Spring Clean Up Time – Two Tips For Your Yard

Spring Clean Up Time – Two Tips For Your Yard

To ensure a long-term healthy and beautiful landscape, there are important spring clean-up maintenance steps to perform in the spring. This winter was harsh and the high winds and severe temperatures caused branches to crack.  When this happens dieback can occur. The first step to ensure a healthy landscape is the removal of winter debris, including fall leaves, twigs and winter cover. This includes the corrective pruning of trees with cracked branches, perennials and flowering shrubs. Additionally, perennials in your garden may need to be divided and replanted.


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The second step is to include the necessary applications of broad spectrum, granular spring fertilizers.  This will provide the plants a readily available source of nutrients throughout the growing season and aid with new plant growth. By seeking lawn care and garden plant bed care now, you will have a summer full of a healthy rich green lawn along with bountiful flowers.


Don’t forget, it is also time to plant beautiful annual displays and apply mulch or compost to all plant beds to provide an aesthetically pleasing, nutrient filled layer across the landscape.  Remember a landscape company can always assist with any questions or help you need.