Rock your Backyard!

Rock your Backyard!

Rocks and gravel serve a purpose whether in your backyard landscaping or your total landscape design. Here’s what Jenny Peterson,
a Houzz Contributor, has to say about rocks in the garden…”give your garden design some textural bam with pebbles, granite, river rocks and other permeable materials”…enjoy!


Using Stone in your Garden, Schmechtig Landscapes, Glenview, Illinois

5 Gravel and Stone Types for a Rocking Landscape:
I love rock in the garden, but I particularly love gravel and other small rocks. I work them into nearly every design I create for my clients, as well as in my own landscape. Why the love affair with gravel? It serves many purposes, from solving drainage issues to lending textural appeal; it crunches under your feet; and it comes in many different colors and forms. Check out my favorites and see which one will work for you in your landscape. click here to read more on Jenny Peterson’s thoughts:

Courtesy of and Jenny Peterson – Houzz Contributor, Landscape Designer and Freelance Garden Writer