Patio Spaces – Creating Your Outdoor Living Room

Patio Spaces – Creating Your Outdoor Living Room

Spring is the time for many homeowners to think about their living spaces and since many are staying at home, everyone is rethinking how they use both their indoor and outdoor living areas.  There is an art to integrate the living design that unifies your home’s interior design and exterior spaces to create a total coordinated environment.  

Beginning with the fundamental points that are visible from the doors and windows of your home, walk around the exterior of your home and review which rooms provide the best access to outside.  Is it the kitchen?  Is it the family room?  Is it your dinning and/or living room?  Then, think about the type of outdoor space you desire – how you are going to use the area.  Is it going to be an outdoor kitchen and dining area?  Is it an outdoor family room with fire pit and water feature like a pond or fountain? Is it an outdoor spa space with a pool and/or hot tub?


Now that you know which interior room provides you the best outdoor access and you know the type of outdoor space you desire look at the use of colors inside your home.  Select the same colors and textures used inside your home for your furnishings and accessories in your outdoor space.

Consider the use of natural quarried architectural stone products for your outdoor patio. Just like the flooring inside your home, a brick and stone patio will define the space and contribute special aesthetics to any outdoor room providing a look of permanence and exceptional beauty.  

Flowers and shrubs planted in container pots will provide a layer of color and interest.  Accessories like pillows, outdoor dish and glassware, candles, sculpture, and lighting will add interest to your new outdoor space.  Adding one or more umbrellas or building a pergola will keep you shaded from the sun.  A pergola can also help you define the outdoor space.

By knowing and understanding your outdoor spaces you can achieve the total and inviting outdoor living experience you want.