Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Now that the weather has warmed the Chicago region, we finally have the opportunity to begin spending time outdoors and enjoy our landscapes.  To keep your property looking its best, there are summer lawn guidelines that should be followed. 

To best care for your lawn, mow height need to be established for your  lawn and lawn mower blades should be sharpened frequently. The lawn cut direction needs to be modified weekly to prevent ruts and encourage consistent growth.  In addition, a lawn weed-control and fertilization program should be implemented to keep weeds at bay and your lawn healthy. 



Schmechtig Landscapes, Winnetka, Illinois

This is designed to improve growing conditions, enhance vigorous root growth and feed the lawn over an extended period of time.  Professionally applied fertilizers are important to keep your lawn investment healthy.  Professional landscape companies are both knowledgeable and specifically trained to care for your property and answer all your questions.  Professional landscape contractors respect their client’s landscape maintenance needs and strive to provide all of the needed services.