Landscaping – A Personal Investment

Landscaping – A Personal Investment

When we review our personal investments, one area to consider is our home’s landscape. We’ve discussed “curb appeal” in an earlier blog, but the notion of a “true investment” is not to be dismissed. Our clients certainly aren’t landscaping their homes for simply a future sell, but as with any other investment, they know the money put into landscaping now will not only be recovered, but increased when the home is sold.


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The estimates from Penn State University and Money Magazine state that a well-landscaped yard can add 15% to the selling value. To put that in perspective, with real estate valued at $750,000, a quality landscape can add up to $113,000 to the selling price. As the size and cost of the home increases, the landscape becomes more important and more of a major investment decision.


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As with any other investment, good research and competent advisors are essential in the process. Educated and experienced landscape architects and designers are required to turn your initial investment into a profitable asset. The time to start planning a new landscape is now.