Landscape Tips

Landscape Tips

We are waiting for spring’s arrival.  Once we see the tulips and daffodils, we know spring is here and it is time to have your landscape plan together.  Your garden beds may be filled with perennials, annuals, herbs or roses. 




Each offers a season full of beautiful color and fragrance if maintained properly.  The spring season should include a comprehensive garden bed clean-up.  Once summer arrives, there are additional services required to ensure your gardens and your garden design remain beautiful and healthy throughout the summer season.  Annual and perennial flower beds should be amended with compost to provide your plants the nutrients they need. 




To add color to any planting bed, annuals are an excellent addition.  They offer a dazzling variety of shapes, forms, and continual bloom.  After your planting is complete, the garden beds, tree circles and large open beds should be covered with a topdressing of mulch.  This will ensure your garden retains the needed moisture and will inhibit the growth of weeds.  Mulch is the final step, and an important one, in creating a well manicured garden bed.