Landscape Art

Landscape Art

Landscapes are a dynamic, ever-changing environment. A good landscape is designed around your personality, home and lifestyle. Each landscape has a special feature that makes it unique. Very often that feature is a special piece of artwork, such as a statue, sculpture or fountain.


Barrington IL, Schmechtig Landscapes

There are considerations regarding the placement of the garden art. The first is whether to design a landscape around the artwork or place the artwork in the existing landscape as an accent. If you design a landscape around a specific piece of sculpture, it is important that the size, scale and feeling of the space complement the artwork. In this case, the landscape design determines exactly where the piece should be placed. When placing artwork in the existing landscape as an accent, it is easier. You can move the piece around to find where the scale is appropriate and the piece works with the current surroundings. Another aspect to consider is the site line. Consider what the piece will look like from inside the house. Can you see it from your favorite room?


Lake Forest, IL Schmechtig Landscapes

Should it be lit for nighttime enjoyment? And what will it look like in the location throughout the seasons? Have fun with your landscape art and let your personality shine through. Your landscape is your unique space and should be as formal or whimsical as you desire.