How to Pick the Right Garden Ceiling

How to Pick the Right Garden Ceiling

Canopy, umbrella, tree or sky — for the finishing touch in your garden, consider what’s overhead…

This article is written by Billy Goodnick, a regular contributor.

“You’re sitting in your garden. You look up. What do you see? Robin’s egg–blue sky and cotton ball clouds? A leafy canopy shimmering in a breeze? Perhaps it’s an umbrella, a gazebo or a rose-covered trellis.

Every part of your garden has a ceiling, even if it’s the sky above. Now this may come off a bit “gloaty,” but when an architect chooses a ceiling inside your house, it’s pretty simple: He or she selects from wood paneling, plaster, acoustical tile or maybe a skylight. But garden designers have a more robust array of useful and decorative choices that can be grown, assembled or constructed.

The main purpose of a home’s ceiling is to keep out the elements and prevent the people sleeping upstairs from falling through to the living room below. But a garden’s ceiling can do so much more.” Read more: