How to Hire a Landscape Contractor

How to Hire a Landscape Contractor

Finding a landscaping contractor is not a difficult task, but assessing the qualifications and business practices of an individual or a company can require substantial effort on the part of the consumer on how to landscape. The State of Illinois and most of its municipalities do not define nor regulate the work of landscape contractors, which puts the burden of responsibility and risk on the consumer. Consumers in Illinois can look to the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) to find qualified, reputable and insured professionals providing all manner of landscape services. Through the ILCA, members obtain training and continuing education in both technical and business skills to enhance their business practices and the professionalism of their employees. The more than 800-member firms across the state have unparalleled access to research, publications and product information, as well as an open-line of communication to product manufacturers, educators and researchers. Schmechtig Landscapes has been a member of the ILCA for over 26 years.  Following you will learn how we stand apart and what we can do for you.
How We Stand Apart
1 – We are members of the Illinois Landscape
Contractors Association, American Society of Landscape Architects, Planet, and  Illinois Green Association
2 – We carry workers compensation insurance
and business liability insurance appropriate to our operation, and for the
entire duration of the project.
3 – We are appropriately licensed to do
the type of work – landscaping proposed in your community.
4 – We comply with all state and
federal labor laws to work for you in your town and/or city landscape projects.
5 – We employ state-licensed pesticide
applicators to apply chemicals like Scotts Lawn Care Service performs.
6 – We employ staff who are properly trained
in how to landscape and are qualified to operate the machinery used.
7 – We provide a written estimate that
details the cost of your landscape improvement, the materials being used, and
our contractual obligations for your garden landscape.
8 – We can provide a portfolio of landscape
photography of our work as well as references.
9 – We have a staff of Landscape Industry Certified professionals and licensed Landscape Architects
 Barrington, Illinois Landscape Company Schmechtig Landscapes


What can an ILCA Landscaper Member do for you?
 – Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care Service
– Weeding, Fertilizing, Core Aerating
– Pruning
– Mulching
– Spring Clean-Up & Fall Clean-Up
– Annuals & Containers
– Holiday Lighting
– Snow Removal
Landscape Designing/Landscape Architecture
 – Site Analysis
– Landscape Ideas
– Outdoor Kitchens & Outdoor Living
Room Areas
– Garden Landscape to include Vegetable
Gardens, Perennial Gardens, Annual Gardens
– Sport Courts
– Pools & Outdoor Spas
– Water Features, ponds, fountains
– Fireplaces & Fire Pits
 Northbrook, Illinois Landscape Company Schmechtig Landscapes – featured in CS Interiors Magazine

 – Plant Installation
– Landscape Edging
– Retaining Walls
– Excavating & Grading
– Carpentry & Decks
– Landscape Lighting Contractor
– Landscape Stone
– Brick & Concrete Masonry
– Landscape Rock
– Fences & Gates
– Green Roofs & Walls
– Patios, Driveways, Walks
– Irrigation System including drip
– Erosion/Flood Control
 Winnetka, Illinois Landscape Company Schmechtig Landscapes – ILCA Award Winning Property

 – Landscape Trees
– Tree Care/Arborist
– Soil Preparation
– Weed, Insect & Disease Control
just like Scotts Lawn Care Service performs
– Nursery Sales
– Ecological Plantings

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