Hot Outside, Design a Landscape for Cooling

Hot Outside, Design a Landscape for Cooling

Summer is a good time to plan for a yard that will bring temperatures down, says Falon Mihalic, a contributor, and we agree.  Mihalic continues, The dog days of summer are upon us. With intense sunlight streaming over our gardens, we’re reminded of just how brutal August can be in the heat. The tricky part is that spots in the garden that are hot now may be less so at different times of the year. Good landscape design understands these seasonal aspects of the garden and plans accordingly.



Schmechtig Landscapes HGTV Project – Outdoor Dinning with Pergola for Cooling and Shade

There are three main things to consider when designing a garden that’s cool in the summer: Maximize shade, use light-colored materials and increase airflow. Look at your landscape now to understand where the hottest areas occur so that you can plan a garden that creates long-term shade for the summers to come.  How to’s and ideas here:


Winnetka, Illinois Patio Design with Pergola for shading, Schmechtig Landscapes

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