Hardscapes in Landscape Designs

Hardscapes in Landscape Designs

“I want the patio to look great, but I don’t want it to be expensive.”  This is sometimes heard from clients that want any alternative to expensive stone.  Natural materials, such as flagstone or bluestone, are very attractive but they are costly because of the production processes. Fortunately, other materials exist that are both aesthetically-pleasing and economical.

One of these alternatives is pavers. Pavers, both concrete and clay, are available in a variety of colors and textures.  The blending of earth tones create a mottled quality in concrete pavers revealing diverse coloration and creating texture.


Clay’s uniform color exhibits a consistent surface displaying a smoother appearance. Texture in some concrete pavers is actually formed by molds mimicking stone’s natural appearance. Some pavers are tumbled, eliminating their sharp edges and softening their appearances. This process gives them a subtle character, blending them into the landscape.



Innovations in color and texture have allowed pavers to become a versatile hardscape option. By exploring the variety of these materials, a patio or walk can be impressive without being expensive.