Guidelines for Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Company

Linda Oyama Bryan

Guidelines for Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Company

Many of us choose to hire a landscape maintenance company to care for our homes property. A full service company will be the best landscape company for you to hire.  Given that you will be serviced each week by this company, you want to choose the best company for your needs.

Your search should begin with assessing your own needs. Are you looking for a lawn service company to mow your lawn each week or do you require more services like weeding, planting seasonal flowers, container pot service, lawn fertilization, plant fertilization and irrigation service?



ILCA Gold Award in Landscape Maintenance, Schmechtig Landscapes, Winnetka, Illinois                       Photo: Linda Oyama Bryan

Landscape companies vary in size and the services they provide.  Some companies provide basic lawn care service while others provide additional services to basic lawn care offering everything you need to care for your landscape throughout the year: spring and fall cleanups; weekly grounds service which includes mowing your lawn, removing and disposing of debris before lawn mowing; pruning and trimming selected trees, shrubs, vines and ground cover; seasonal plant maintenance of perennial and annual beds and weeding.  A full service landscape maintenance company will provide weekly grounds service and more knowing when to perform each service like a lawn fertilizer program and plant bed fertilizer applied by their own licensed operators, lawn aeration to help your lawn improve soil conditions and reduce thatch, plant root feed to provide plants with a readily available source of nutrients, insect control grubs for preventive and curative application control of grubs in your lawn, boxwood blight fungus control, dormant pruning, deer and rabbit control, snow removal, irrigation services and more.

Search online for landscape maintenance companies and include lawn service companies and lawn care companies. You will learn a lot about a company from their website.  Websites reveal who they are and if they are a full service landscape company offering maintenance, lawn and plant fertilization, landscape design and build, outdoor furniture and accessory selection, irrigation and lighting service, snow removal and all other landscape services you need, all in-house.  Look for accomplishments in the industry.  Is the company a member and involved in their states landscape contractors association?  Do they have Certified Landscape Technicians, horticulturists and other degreed licensed professionals on staff? What professional associations are they members of?  How many years have they been in business? Do they provide a detailed written proposal to eliminate any confusion what you will be paying?

Once you have selected a few companies, review each landscape company’s proposal carefully.  Some may seem low and others high.  Make sure you clarify the wording on the service offerings to compare apple to apples. Find a company that aligns with you. Do you want a company who reaches out and is involved serving charitable organizations?  Asking questions and being honest about your needs and monthly budget will ensure your satisfaction with the landscape and lawn company you choose.



ILCA Gold Award for Landscape Maintenance Winner – Schmechtig Landscapes, Wilmette, Illinois         Photo: Linda Oyama Bryan


Here is a list of the Landscape Maintenance Services and Lawn Care Services provided by Schmechtig Landscapes :

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups; Yard Clean-Up
Weekly Grounds
Weekly Lawn Service
Lawn Aeration
Stone, Sand, Gravel, Topsoil
Pruning – including Dormant Pruning
Plant Bed Service
Four Season Color Displays
Garden Services: Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables, Butterfly Gardens, Rose Care Program
Pest Management:  Fertilization – Lawn and Plant Beds, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Ground Cover, and more
Weed, Insect and Disease Control
Animal Repellants
Deer Control
Seasonal Container Pot Displays
Winter Plant Protection
Tree Health Care
Hand Watering Service
Gator Bags
Irrigation Service
Lighting Service
Power-washing Service
Hardscape Maintenance Service

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