Fragrance in the Garden

Fragrance in the Garden

Most gardens are planned for visual appeal, but using scent as a guideline further enhances the outdoor experience.  There are trees, shrubs, vines, perennials and annuals that provide unique scents to enjoy throughout the season. Smell and memory are closely linked.


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A particular smell can transport you back to a moment, place or relationship. What better way to remember a wonderful moment than replicating that scent in your own garden. We find some of the most common requests for plants with scent include Lilacs, Roses and assorted climbing vines. But the inventory goes far beyond this short list. There are many other shrubs that offer sweet scents throughout their growing period. Also, the list of perennials and annuals that provide scent is extensive. and Better Homes and Garden’s website:  

are just two sites that provide lists of fragrant plants to add a whole new level of enjoyment taking your garden beyond its visual beauty.