First Impressions

First Impressions

Homeowners seek out help with their property when the landscape has been neglected, dated or overgrown. Many times the current landscape conceals the beauty of the home’s architecture and doesn’t integrate the landscape and home. The importance of the first impression, or curb appeal, is not only for the homeowner’s enjoyment but future resale as well.


Barrington, IL.  Schmechtig Landscapes


This first impression goes beyond the home to the community in which the home is located. The Washington Post writes nice communities are composed of good neighborhoods, and good neighborhoods are built from well-cared-for homes. We believe well-cared-for homes are most often expertly and professionally landscaped. When a home is admired, all aspects of the property, including the landscape, are a part of the picture. The architecture of each home, along with the client’s needs are the key factors as we design a new landscape.


Winnetka, IL., Schmechtig Landscapes

As an example, with a ranch-style home, we emphasize the horizontal lines; with a formal home we match the symmetry. An English tudor is complemented with a more informal look. The front walk should be welcoming and inviting, the front door visible with any style home.  We frame the house using layers for depth and a variety of plants that complement each other for seasonal interest.


Lake Forest, IL., Schmechtig Landscapes

Lighting is another important element that completes and enhances the entrance. We have always believed that each home is unique and has its own style; our landscape designs are the same. Each is individual and truly a reflection of the home, setting and the homeowner’s particular needs.