Fireplaces, Fire Pits – bring warmth to the outdoors

Fireplaces, Fire Pits – bring warmth to the outdoors

Soon the cool winds of autumn will be upon us and one way to extend your time in the outdoors is by
incorporating a firepit or fireplace into your landscape. The use of firepits and fireplaces is an outdoor design trend that has spread nationwide.
Incorporating an outdoor fire structure creates a beautiful backdrop to outdoor entertaining and extends the use of your landscape into the fall and throughout
the winter. Imagine lighting a fire on a beautiful winter evening; staying warm while enjoying the winter sky.


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Integrating a fire structure can be as simple as adding a portable firepit to your existing patio or by having a firepit built to work with your existing design. To create a truly custom look, full-scale fireplaces are a wonderful addition to your backyard landscape. There are pre-manufactured fireplaces that can be installed or they can be custom built.



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You can integrate these structures into existing patio layouts with coordinating brick or stone choices. When designing a new landscape, it is simple to
incorporate a firepit or fireplace into the space. You, your family and friends will enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a firepit or fireplace for years to
come; it creates a unique landscape feature to enjoy.