Fall Landscaping Check List – Part 3 Flowers and Gardens

Fall Landscaping Check List – Part 3 Flowers and Gardens

Flowers and gardens

Plant bulbs – Fall is the time to plant crocus, daffodils,
hyacinths, tulips, and other spring-flowering bulbs throughout most of the
country. You should plant most bulbs by late October/November, you can plant
tulips as late as November.

Protect roses – Most modern hybrid roses are damaged by temperatures
below 10 F or so. Mound soil over the plant’s central crown or bud, called the
bud union.

Mulch – Mulch after a hard freeze. Spread 2 to 3 inches of
compost, composted cedar, pine, or fir bark, weed-free straw, or similar



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Cut back and divide perennials – Cut back dead leaves and
stems of perennials. Leave those with attractive, dried stems for winter interest.
Divide some perennials if they’re overcrowded and if there is still usually
about a month until the hard frost.

Dig and store summer bulbs – Dig and store tender bulbs
such as tuberous begonias, dahlias, and gladiolus.