Bringing the Inside Out – InEx-teriors; Landscaping and Interior Design

Bringing the Inside Out – InEx-teriors; Landscaping and Interior Design

Finding creative ways to extend your living space into the outdoors begins with a unique vision and landscape design. Although we don’t utilize our outdoor living space year-round, we can use it spring through fall and enjoy the view throughout our cold Chicagoland winters. Adding elements beyond the traditional patios, decks and walkways provides an opportunity to add additional living space. With the addition of the landscape trends, your family time and entertaining space expand dramatically.


HGTV’s Schmechtig Landscapes Project, Schaumburg, Illinois

Today, homeowners understand the value of taking their interior design style outside their homes. Traditional furnishings, artwork, rugs and decorative containers appear as part of the new outdoor rooms. Kitchens, firepits and fireplaces along with water features are key elements for your outdoor living space. Fountains and ponds bring the soothing sound of water into any space.



Barrington Hills, Schmechtig Landscapes

Water works magic in any garden, providing a focal point and relaxing rhythm. Moving water provides delightful background music and masks the noises associated with living our busy lives. Another way to extend this outdoor living space late into the fall and even winter is the addition of a fireplace or firepit which should blend seamlessly with the home and landscape.


Long Grove, Illinois, Schmechtig Landscapes

Homeowners have an appreciation for special and distinguishing design features to make their home a unique and complete living environment. By unifying the interior and exterior spaces of your home you create a total coordinated environment calling you to enjoy yourself both inside and out. Knowing and understanding the power of design, interior professionals and landscape architects/designers, work together to arrange the fundamental points that are visible from the doors and windows of your home to extend the interior design through to your exterior spaces, providing you a total and inviting living experience.  At Schmechtig, we call this InEx-teriors  and we introduced this to our clients in 2009.  Chicago’s Merchandise Mart invited us to utilize this concept and be the first landscape company to design the outdoor space for its 2010 DreamHome.  By incorporating colors and textures, furniture, fabrics, lighting, water features, art, container pots, accessories, etc. your landscape becomes an extension of your home, not just an accent.