8 Trends Influencing the Gardening World in 2018

8 Trends Influencing the Gardening World in 2018


In 2018, based on extensive research, it is predicted that the garden will be a both a haven and a laboratory as gardeners seek a respite from a stressful world, and also dive into the flood of new plant choices they’re seeing in garden centers and on social media.  According to a National Gardening Survey, more than six million people nationwide took up gardening last year with millennials–ages 18 to 34–accounting for 80 percent of that total. We’re watching this dynamic play out in unequaled demand for unique, sustainable, and social share-worthy plants and for gardening to be a differentiator of sorts.  As sensitivity about how we impact our habitat increases, and old plants become new friends, we’re changing not only what we garden, but how we garden.

Here’s a quick list:

1- Roses and Rhodies Renaissance – low-effort/big rewards are making gardeners take a second look at shrubs in general and the next wave of fuss-free roses and rhododendrons.



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2- Garden Tribe – a new type of tribalism where the shared experience of gardening, thanks to social media, manifests a leafy sort of group therapy.


3- Pitch Perfect Pines – after years of being overshadowed by boxwoods and birches,  on the comeback trail are the following: .Japanese White Pine, Compact Tanyosho Pine, Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine, Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine and Slowmound Mugo Pine.


4- Soil Matters – programs promoting the application of commercial agriculture principles of soil regeneration in the home garden.


5- Plant Hunters – garden-makers are on the prowl for the unique and unusual to design a landscape that’s bespoke, not cookie-cutter.


6- Patterns – plants whose foliage has been patterned with dots, dashes, stripes and slashes have been spotted everywhere.



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7- Hydrangeamania – gardeners are scooping up new and improved varieties of hydrangeas as fast as we can grow them.



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8- Show Me – mentoring services attracting younger, inexperienced gardeners and to social media savvy first-time home buyers.



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