15 Native Flowers That Feed Native Bees

15 Native Flowers That Feed Native Bees

These perennials offer superfood to hundreds of bees and are gorgeous in their own right, says Benjamin Vogt, a Houzz Contributor.  Vogt continues, We’ve been hearing a lot about bee and pollinator decline in the news. Though the implication is that “bees” means honeybees, there are over 4,000 native bee species providing us with free pollinating services — if only we provide the habitat for them to thrive.


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What can we do in our small backyard gardens to support a diversity of bees and other pollinators? Plant as many native flowers as possible, and make sure they’re native to the area to support the largest amount of pollinators.  Here are 15 native wildflowers that should be a great start in creating your own native bee garden. Read more of Vogt’s article :