EUROPEAN CHARM (Lake Forest Showcase Home)

The rear formal courtyard is an intimate outdoor garden room reminiscent of its classic French country origin.  Since the terrace to the south will provide the main entertaining space for the home, this space will be for smaller gatherings with casual seating and stunning garden features.  Special attention was made to create a unique setting, which not only can be enjoyed from the outside, but from the family room and loggia as well.  Highlighting this tranquil garden is a decorative garden ornament surrounded by a formal herb/perennial garden with sheared Boxwood hedges, raised antique clay paver edging, tactile bluestone chip gravel paths, decorative benches, elegant urns on stone pillars and bold textural planting juxtapositions.  To protect against the late afternoon sun, strategically spaced pear trees are provided.  Lastly, a multitude of spring flowers illuminate the garden with color and permeate it with fragrance.