Château de Gardens (Palace of Gardens)

Did you know that this Wilmette estate originated as a “Sister Estate”? The father built both neighboring homes for his two daughters, therefore making them “sister” homes.
Where to start with this garden gem of Wilmette? The front walk and entry foyer are made up of clay brick pavers, with clean and elegant front foundations plantings. Bluestone terraces on the side and back of the home offer a dramatic view of the sunken rose garden. A sweeping bed softens the back perimeter, along with multi-layered beds of plants and flowers offering seasonal interest. The sightline to the “sister house” was maintained with a series of rose covered arbors lining the quilt work of the bluestone steppers, that take you to a rock lined stream. The sunken rose garden is the real treat here… The Formal and elegant garden is the finishing touch to a magnificent landscape. A formal garden space is bordered by a chipped bluestone gravel path and boxwood hedge.