The level of trim detail and color on this Victorian home accentuates and echoes the home’s accents throughout the landscape. Mauve colored bricks, grayish natural stone pavers and grey & pink boulders were selected to marry the landscape features of the house. A selection of tumbled clay bricks and reclaimed bluestone were used for the front walk, foyer space, driveway, patio, pond & waterfall, adding an aged look to the property.

In order to maintain a historic appearance to the site, great emphasis was placed on the preservation and care of two majestic Horsechestnut trees, three flowering Crabs and several mature groupings of Yews. There are a series of paths and sweeping panels of lawn installed to create inviting linkages through various spaces. Lastly, the crown jewel of the property is the waterfall, pond and its cottage garden plantings, which throughout the season provide a whimsical garden, with ever-changing sights and sounds.