Exterior is the New Interior DreamHm2a

Schmechtig Landscapes is pleased to introduce you to our InEx-teriors design service. We created it to meet the needs of homeowners who have an appreciation and desire for special and distinguishing design to make their home a unique and a complete living environment. InEx-teriors is the art of integrated living design.  It unifies your home's interior and exterior spaces to create a total coordinated environment calling you to enjoy yourself both inside and out. Knowing and understanding the power of design, we will work with our interior professionals or your designer to arrange the fundamental points that are visible from the doors and windows of your home to extend the interior design through to your exterior spaces, providing you a total and inviting living experience. Our designs incorporate a signature use of colors and textures, custom furniture, fabrics, lighting, water features, container pots, accessories, etc.  Everything is possible with InEx-teriors.

Video - See our outdoor space featured on HomePlus TV