landscape-lightingWhile irrigation is an essential component for our clients, we make lighting an integral part of the outdoor environment. Your landscape will take on special beauty at night when properly illuminated.  From focal points to entertainment areas to traffic zones, we consider how lighting will enrich, enhance and shape the exterior spaces at night.  Additionally, our goal is to provide safe passage along walks and paths, deter potential intruders and extend your outdoor living environment. As indoor technologies become more environmental, outdoor technologies follow suit. Low-voltage options, LED, and fiber optic lighting for landscapes and outdoor living spaces provide a greener alternative, with less energy output and a longer lifespan than higher voltage bulbs.  We offer a lighting demonstration kit giving you the opportunity to enjoy and uncover the splendor of your landscape before making a final decision. Our lighting staff designs, installs and maintains your lighting system to serve your needs today, promote a greener alternative and provide new lighting features as your landscape changes.