Schmechtig Landscapes is committed to a sustainable environment by providing and promoting products and services to enhance a client’s landscape for the present and future. Our management, designers, and technicians receive training on green practices and technologies.  We assist homeowners with products and methods to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points toward their residence and assist commercial properties to become LEED certified.  Our knowledge in green roofs, water conserving irrigation products, efficient lighting systems, permeable paving, drought tolerant native plants, and renewable technologies collectively result in reduced water, heating and cooling usage and costs.
Our construction division put into effect procedures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions along with reducing dust pollution.  We recycle brass, copper, steel and iron products which we remove from our projects.  All plant waste from our maintenance and construction sites are converted into rich organic compost which is then used on new construction sites to prepare plant beds and our nurseries totaling 80 acres.  Our office staff contributes by using recycled paper, creating electronic documents to reduce paper use and recycling office waste.